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The students have the option of accessing specialist programmes as regards different functions of the company. The University School facilitates the incorporation both of the programmes organised by the Chamber of Bilbao itself as well as those developed by ESIC in its different venues, some of which are undertaken in our own headquarters as a result of a collaboration agreement between both institutions.


ESIC programmes undertaken at Cámarabilbao are as follows:


Other ESIC programmes undertaken in other venues:

  • Master's Degree in Relational and Interactive Marketing (MICEMO).
  • Master's Degree in Marketing Management (MIM).
  • Master's Degree in Advertising and Business Communication (MPC).
  • Master's Degree of Science in International Business (MSIB).
  • Master's Degree in Information Systems and Market Research (MSIM)
  • MBA-Business Management and Marketing (MADEM). International MBA (MBAI).