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Labour exchange

Cámarabilbao University Business School offers a service of Employment Orientation and Labour Exchange intended for former students.

At the moment a graduate requests to be included in the Labour Exchange, he/she is convened to an assessment interview in which his/her academic and professional profile is defined, his/her areas of interest are identified, and are assisted in the drawing up of his/her Curriculum Vitae and he/she will be offered advice on job search media and tools.

CUBS (Cámarabilbao University Business School) receives job offers from both recruitment companies and organisations applying for candidates directly.

These companies are asked to complete a Labour Exchange Form wherein the job is specified, as well as the conditions and requirements associated with employment, in order that CUBS can carry out an appropriate pre-selection of candidates.

From among the persons listed on the Labour Exchange, those whose profiles best fit the requirements specified in the job offer will be preselected, notifying those persons the information related to the offer.

Finally, the curricula of those graduates who confirm their interest will be forwarded to the offer origin company to proceed to the selection according to the inherent criteria.



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