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Graduate profile

Following the training process, the graduate must acquire a profile with the following characteristics:

  • Have a global vision of the company which allows flexibility to assume different responsibilities within the organisation.
  • Have a specialised vision in the function of marketing and its derivative disciplines such as market research, consumer behaviour, customer service, internationalisation etc.
  • Have a clear international orientation and able to speak several languages and able to communicate on an oral and written level.
  • To use information and communication technologies on a user level.
  • To possess certain values and skills such as: responsibility, discipline, teamwork, oral and written communication etc.


The horizontal and general nature of the training offered allows graduates to join small and medium-sized organisations in which the worker is normally required to perform different functions, assuming, in either event, relevant responsibilities. For this type of company, which is the most common in our environment, flexibility and versatility of the graduates are key characteristics of the professional profile.

Elsewhere, the marketing specialist nature allows the graduated to integrate into larger organisations, taking on more specialised functions in marketing or any of its derivative disciplines: market research, product, marketing, distribution, logistics, internationalisation, communication and advertising etc.

Similarly, the training received is a good starting point for undertaking entrepreneurship projects.

The fluency of foreign languages or the handling of information and communication technologies likewise opens to the graduate other mobility opportunities towards other job positions or functions.