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Career opportunities

Overall/versatile dimension

One of the objectives of the degree is to provide graduates with a high level of versatility and flexibility within the company. These characteristics are particularly relevant in a small or medium-sized company, professionals with generalist skills are required, since they often have to assume responsibilities within different functions or, at least, have criteria for interpreting or making decisions.

But even among the largest companies, efforts are made for their technicians and managers to have a global and integrative conception of the organisation.It is therefore necessary to equip the professional with general training on the economic environment and the main functions of the company:

  • Economy                                     
  • Finance                                        
  • Business law
  • Strategy
  • Human Strategy


Marketing/commercial dimension

The commercial activity is the constant factor in all trading organisations. There are companies which do not undertake productive tasks as their function is fundamentally of intermediation; there are organisations which do not manage people as they are trained by a single professional or because they have outsourced their tasks etc. Nevertheless, all companies sell products or services and with their profits reward their suppliers, workers and their proprietors or shareholders through the profits.

But this activity, in competitive environments such as those experienced in developed countries, is increasingly complex, and entails other tasks, preliminary, simultaneous or subsequent, implicit in marketing.

This has led to the emergence of different professional profiles which are placed in the ambit of the term "Marketing".


SphereActivityExamples of undertakings
Commercial research
Market studies
Consumer behaviour
Identification of market opportunities
Competition Analysis
Research Project Manager
Strategic Planning
Determining target markets
Segmentation and positioning
Distribution Channels – Trade Marketing
Economic-Financial Planning
Marketing Director /Manager
Product Definition
Pricing policy
Launch of new products
Product Manager
Brand development
Public relations
Relational, direct and interactive marketing Merchandising and communication at the point of sale Corporate image management
Media Planning
Director/Communication Manager
Account Executive
Public relations
Media planner
Commercial Management
Commercial Planning
Sales network
Sales team management
Sales promotion
Determination of sales margin
Sales control and estimate
Sales manager
Head of Sales Sales
Commercial establishments
Commercial establishments management
Point of sale marketing
Commercial establishments manager
Customer management
Sales and negotiation techniques
Major accounts management
Customer loyalty marketing
Quality Customer Service
Technical Support Services
Commercial/Sales Executive Salesperson
Major Account Executive
Customer loyalty manager
Customer service manager
Technical support manager
Distribution and Logistics
Logistics operations (intermodality)
Inventory management
Provisioning Transport
Distribution Manager
Logistics operator
Transportation Operator
International Trade
Foreign Promotion
Collaboration with foreign companies
International Director
Export Director/Manager
Relational, direct and interactive marketing - Digital marketing
Relational marketing
Direct and interactive marketing
Digital Marketing Manager
Online channel manager
Community manager