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About us

Imágen de libros de Marketing (id: 73)This official university centre, belonging to the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao, was launched in 1990 and, since 1998, is affiliated to the University of the Basque Country-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, having as a main objective the contribution to the comprehensive development of companies in our professional sphere by means of the training of high-level professionals.

It is therefore a project focussed on training young people just like you, capable of being members of the next generation of professionals and executives who, in the future, must steer our companies, in an increasingly competitive and international market.

A project which is continuously broadened, revamped and updated. That is why, at present we have evolved in order to bring ourselves into line to the European Higher Education Area (implemented in 46 countries) with our Business Management and Marketing Degree.

That way, we guarantee students a better education and training, further advantages and a future ripe with possibilities.

This official university college, belonging to the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, was set up in 1990 with the main objective of contributing to the development of companies in the surrounding area by the training of highly-qualified professionals. Since 1998 it has been an accredited centre of the University of The Basque Country.

This project, therefore, is focused on young people like you, who are able to form part of a new generation of professionals and managers who will have to lead our companies in the future, in a market which is becoming more and more competitive and international.

A project that we are constantly improving and updating. That is why we have developed so that we comply with the European Higher Education Area (established in 46 countries) with our Bachelor Degree in Management and Business Marketing. This way, we guarantee better training, more opportunities and a future full of possibilities.