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1. Places offered
100 places

2.  Access conditions

  • Having passed the University Entrance Exam or having any degree which qualifies one to have studied an Official Degree in the Area of Social and Legal Sciences
  • Pass the admission process
  • Knowledge of foreign languages: As prerequisites the centre also requires that students have a certain level of knowledge of foreign languages (B2 in English and B1 in German or French).
    Nevertheless, for those who do not possess this knowledge, this requirement can be substituted by the commitment of the student to obtain that level during the first three academic years of the Degree, for which the School will make available an educational programme compatible and integrated in the study programme.
  • Access due to professional experience:
    Not contemplated

3. Access application

  • Applicants may request access to the centre that:
    already has the qualifications necessary to access these studies; or are able to obtain same prior to the commencement of the course (for example, as they are in the second academic year of the higher school certificate course).

  • Documentation to be furnished
    • Registration form duly completed.
    • Academic transcript, certified by the centre of origin, from the third year of the Compulsory Secondary Education onwards
    • Those who already have a higher school certificate, the Higher Level Vocational Training Course having passed University Entrance Exams, must submit the supporting documentation.

4. Deadlines

The enrolment process is now open.

For further information please contact us by calling +34 944 702 484 or at the email addressl escuela@camarabilbao.com 


5. Admission process:

* Entrance exams will be held on 25 May 2017, at 3.30 p.m.

Admission is conferred based on the number of places available and is intended to identify candidates::

    • Capable of passing the studies
    • Having a personal profile aligned with the professional profiles to be educated, with a view to their future employment integration.


To this end the following methods will be considered:

  • Academic transcript analysis
    Courses prior to admission to the centre will be considered (for example, the two of the higher school certificate and can be traced back to the last two years of the Compulsory Secondary Education), the university entrance exams or any other relevant academic information wherein his/her trajectory as a student is included therein

  • Personality test
    Will be carried out in the centre itself, measuring different intellectual skills related to the studies and evaluating the personal profile in view of his/her compatibility with the profession for which it is intended to study.

  • Personal interview
    In which the motivation behind the proposed studies is intended to be assessed, the willingness to integrate oneself in the centre and interest in career opportunities.
    This assessment will be carried out by expert professionals and the final decision will be made based on the candidate's academic progress and professional success.

  • Oral and written English test.
    This test will identify if the candidate has the minimum level to integrate himself/herself into the Supplementary Language Plan, and will enable the making of recommendations for improvement as regards acceptance into the centre.



VARIABLES TO CONSIDEREvaluation methodsEvaluation
Academic record analysisPsychometric test (intelligence evaluation)Psychometric test (personality evaluation)Personal interviewEnglish testEvaluationEvaluation
Motivation for the business world and especially for marketing       X     40%
Motivation for the business world and especially for marketing       X     15%
Learning capacity X X         20%
Personal profile aligned with professional profiles to be trained     X X     15%
English communication skills         X   10%
Weighted average assessment              


The assessment will be an overall assessment, considered acceptable if the candidate exceeds the weighted average valuation of 5 out of 10, and shall not in any of the assessments be below 3.5.

After each entrance exam, depending on available places and always with the unavoidable condition of passing the University entrance exams or equivalent to be established, three options will be considered:

    • Accepted
    • Not accepted
    • Waiting list, depending on the number of enrolments pending confirmation, especially if the assessment is below 6.5

Within those accepted, recommendations may be made in order to improve prior to the commencement of the course certain skills that have been detected as weak in the admission process (English, mathematics...).

Conditional admission
Those who upon the taking of the admission exams do not have the qualifications necessary to access the Degree but are able to obtain same prior to the commencement of the course, may be admitted subject to having passed those requirements prior to a certain date.

Admitted alumni

Students must confirm the enrolment by carrying out the "Place Reservation" and the "Formalisation of Enrolment" according to the terms and procedure of which they will notified of in a timely manner.

Applicants from other university studies:

Please note: In either event, admission is always understood to be subject to the final obtaining and subsequent accreditation of the legally valid degrees for the purposes of studying the subjects and studies corresponding to the degree and the submission of the necessary documentation for formalising the academic transcript. Following six months from the date of enrolment without accrediting the aforementioned documents, said enrolment shall expiry, and shall be null and void, and therefore, without the possibility of continuing the studies.


6. Information and guidance to interested parties

From the Department of Promotion and Admissions we are at your disposal and we offer you the services, assistance and information you require so that your admission to our School is suitable.

-During the academic year you are invited to participate in the following activities

  • Open days, consisting of an information session and a guided tour of the centre.

  • Information sessions in secondary and higher school centres.

-Attendance at the UNITOUR Universities Fair

-Personal information interviews


You can request an appointment via
Telephone: 94 470 24 84
Email: escuela@camarabilbao.com