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The International Programme is a distinguishing hallmark of the University School of the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao.

The future is "global". Society is increasingly more internationalised, but so much more as regards a company. Having this vision is a key factor of professional success.

The international vocation of the Business Management and Marketing Degree has its culmination in the possibility of studying a complete course in another European university centre.

The knowledge of two foreign languages, the constant reference to international business cases, the sharing of classes in the EUCCB with students of other nationalities, the good number of subjects taught in English etc. cause in students a special sensitivity and a keen interest in having an international university experience that entails the culmination of their studies.


The programme has three main objectives:

  • To grow intellectually and professionally:
    To improve skills by progressing in training.
    To experiment with different teaching models.
    Furthermore, in many of the programmes, with the option of obtaining the official qualification degree of the destination country (Double degree)
  • Improve the foreign language:
    An excellent opportunity to consolidate the fluency of a foreign language until obtaining complete proficiency.
  • Have an extremely valuable personal experience:
    To step outside the "comfort zone", learning to be independent in the day to day life.
    Creation of new relationships.
    Become accustomed to an intercultural environment.


On the basis of these objectives, the EUCCB (University School of the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao) has created an extremely valuable international offer, with the following key factors:

  • In a prestigious university centre
    In the selection of centres, the reputation of their teaching system has been taken into account.
  • An entire course
    It has been understood that, for the experience to have true value and actual integration, the programme must have a minimum duration of one year.
  • In certain studies aligned with the Business Management and Marketing Degree
    Maintaining a coherence with the profile to be trained.
    In order to be recognisable (approved) the majority of the credits (at least 80% of the programme)Manteniendo una coherencia con el perfil a formar.