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Dual approach



- Provides a complete view of the company.

- Contextualises the entire organisation

- Enabled for versatility and flexibility



- The Market is the reference and the raison d'être of the company

- Marketing: at the heart of decisions


As regards the definition of the Degree it has been understood that marketing should have a leading role but it was similarly desired to make a commitment as this focus on marketing emerged from a global knowledge of the world of the company. And this responds to considerations in different regards.

On the one hand, as market orientation has become a determining factor in companies, therefore, marketing has been placed at the "centre" of all decisions, but affecting the functions of the organisation in their entirety.

And on the other, a vision of contextualised marketing which is more realistic and substantial and results in more competent professionals.

Furthermore, the business fabric which surrounds us responds to very dynamic organisations albeit of a small and medium size, where the management team will be reduced and in which an overall vision will give its members a versatility and a very useful and valued flexibility, which will allow them "Migrate" onto other functions according to their desires or opportunities.

Therefore, it is committed to a definable vision such as "marketing from the overall management of the company" or "corporate management with a focus on marketing", which, together with other traditional attributes to the School, confer the project with a unique nature.