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International focus is a distinctive feature of the centre, reason why foreign language skills is a priority.

Upon completion of the studies, the student must be able to speak with absolute fluency in English and communicate fluently in German or French.

Furthermore, the vehicle language of the majority of 3rd and 4th year study programme subjects is the English language , reason why already in those courses the student must speak that language sufficiently well enough.

Languages in the Official Study programme

The Business Management and Marketing Degree only includes two official subjects on languages:

  • Language B: Advanced English for Business 
    Company oriented English,
    Reference level to reach: C1
  • Language C: Business German/French
    Company oriented German/French
    Reference level to reach: B2

For this reason, the degree entry level requirement entails that the student has a minimum B2 level in English and B1 in German or French.

Nevertheless, this requirement can be substituted by the commitment of the student to obtain that level during the first three academic years of the Degree, for which the School establishes the "Supplementary Language Training Programme" (PCFI), which is perfectly compatible and integrated in the study programme.


The "Supplementary Language Training Programme" (PCFI)

This programme comprises of an annual subject for each language in the first three academic years (English I, II and III, German I, II and III, French I, II and III), whose passing is warranted so as to be able to suitably handle the 4th academic year language subjects.

  • 4 hours per subject per week throughout the entire course;
  • In small groups
  • With native teachers who warrant lengthy experience
  • With a methodology focused on language in the company
  • Combining all linguistic skills (comprehension and expression, oral and written), in any environment (face-to-face, telephone, documents etc.)

The Chamber, the official examination centre of the accredited entities

Moreover, students who wish to have access to the language knowledge accreditations of the most prestigious organisations, of which the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao is the official examination centre:

  • Cambridge English (division of the University of Cambridge)
  • Goethe Institut (organisation under the German Government)
  • Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris-Île de France

Goethe institute (id: 175)cambridge english (id: 176)chambre de commerce de Paris (id: 174)