Víctor Dupont, procedente de IAE Lyon

Victor is a student from IAE Lyon. After passing through Barcelona during the first quarter, he has been forced to change his Erasmus destination due to an error in the Catalan school.

dupontWhy did you choose Bilbao?
This year, I’m doing my Erasmus year in Bilbao. I wasn’t supposed to come here, in Bilbao, but an administrative error has been made by the partnership school in Barcelona and thus, I had to find another partnership in Spain for the second semester. I had several choices of university in Spain and it is finally Bilbao that caught my attention.
I chose Bilbao for its cultural aspect and for the reputation of the school (La Cámara de Comercio).

What are your First impressions?
Bilbao seems to be a convivial city, the fact that it isn’t at the scale of the European biggest cities, we can easily take our marks, our routines, and we can rapidly meet lot of students. On the other side, I’m quite surprised with the « hanging out » aspect of Bilbao, culturally speaking but also for the parties, it’s a little bit limited.

How do you see the continuation of your adventure in Bilbao?
I think that the rest of my trip will be intense, with the summer arriving, I’ve planned to do trips on the Atlantic coast, I have exams to prepare and group works for the school here. Therefore, I’m rather exciting!