Xabier Itsaso, Lyon

xabierWhy did you choose Lyon?
I chose Lyon for three important reasons…
First, that there were few spots for the students of the EUCCB. Therefore, it was perfect for me since I wanted to go with a few people from the university to be able to integrate better with the French culture and to be able to get to know the city better, to meet people, to speak in the native language, etc.
Second, Lyons is one of the biggest cities of France, very nice; for what I could have observed in the days that I got installed and it is a multicultural city. There are people of diverse cultures what makes Lyon a city that is opened to the youth and a university environment.
Third, the party, the chamber of commerce and the University of Lyons was offering an opportunity not only to learn French in a college environment, but also to be able to improve my English level. To academic level here in Lyons is very important, since all the subjects are taught in English. Therefore this opportunity to be able to improve my level in languages really attracted me from the beginning.

What places can we visit in Lyon?
There are many places to visit but I still have not gotten enough time to visit it all because I have only been here one month. But there are many sites that are worth it; as the basilica Notre-dame of Fourviere. It is a church that is on the top of the city where you can see one of the panoramas of the Fourviere, it is impressive by night. You can also visit the old part of the city that is very attractive too.

How did you find your accommodation?
Well, my experience looking for my accommodation it has been an odyssey. You should Centre on looking for a location on the web sites that I have advised to the university. . I have had to order hundreds of e-mails and to do many calls before meeting to visit the correct location for you. Finally I am in a very good flat and with very good people with whom I share the house.

What do you like the most about the Claude Bernard of Lyon?
It is five times bigger than the chamber of commerce of Bilbao. It has a university environment, like in every movie. The classes are personalized, very similar to those that they give us in the EUCCB. The classrooms are of 30 persons, and the teachers interact very much with the student body.