Íñigo Jauregui, Plymouth

jaureguiWhy did you choose Plymouth?
Principally I chose Plymouth because my intention was to go to a English speaking destination, so I had only the chooses of Newcastle and Plymouth. I decided on Plymouth since it is a coastal and not very big city.

Which places can we visit in Plymouth?
The zone of the port is a very nice place with many terraces where you can have a drink or even eat. This area also has bbqs were you can go with your friends to have lunch or just chill. It is a city with many parks in which you are able to go for walks. It doesn’t take a long time to get to coast were you can surf or body board.

How did you find your accommodation?
We looked for the apartment on the internet and in different real estate agents. Thanks to the help of the Englishman's teachers we find a real estate agency from which we could rent the floor from Bilbao.

What do you like the most about the University of Plymouth?
The university does not have anything to do with the EUCCB. It is an enormous campus with many buildings. You have the opportunity to do any activity you want, sports, gym, relax, party.